Take a Journey Along Silk Route and Explore Breathtaking Beauties

Almost all men like to travel beautiful travel destinations. They are interested in exploring the places of attractions there. They like to go out for enjoying picturesque landscape, beautiful countryside and wonderful natural phenomenon. Getting around beautiful places and partaking in pleasure activities is really a fun experience for every traveler. One can hardly forget the memorable moments of those days till his doomsday.

Taking a journey along Silk Route or Silk Road is one of the wonderful experiences that you will never forget in your life. The Silk Route refers to a network of trade routes connecting three continents- Asia, Europe and Africa. Silk Route stands as the missing link of cultural past of these three continents. In the ancient time, Europeans used it to transport Chinese Silk to Europe through Central Asia. The importance of it in the world history does not wait for an explanation. It was the first superhighway connected the people of Asia, Europe and Africa. It helped them in cultural, social and economic development. Silk Road plays an important role in the development of people. It has helped them transport commodities and exchange of ideas and information. Nobody can deny the significant role of Silk Road in the development of the civilizations for the countries like China, India, Pakistan, Ancient Persia, and Arabia. The Silk Route at Sikkim starts from Aritar. To explore the breathtaking beauties, you can starts from here. From here you can easily reach Zuluk, the pristine hamlet of Sikkim. You are sure to know how beautiful the nature is. Many travelers are highly interested in taking journey along Silk route. To make it a real fun experience, they can buy Silk route tour packages offered by various travel agencies.

If you are an Indian you can start from Sikkim, the pristine paradise of India. For its stunning beauty, people like to call it ‘Natural Beauty Queen’. Staring at the snow-capped mountain up above the green valley is really a wonderful experience. When you look at the pristine green valley from the above, the lowland looks like an emerald beauty. The view all around appears to be glossy green land. The sunrise and sunset behind snow-capped Kanchenjhungha is awe-inspiring. Spend some days here and enjoy the scenic beauty that the place has to offer. You will have here a significant number of attractions and pleasurable activities to indulge in. The place is ideal for giving one some unforgettable fun experiences. The wide range of snow-capped mountains, stunning slant of green Himalayas and countless hot spots have made the land an ideal travel destination. Therefore, it is quite natural that the travellers would come to pay a visit here round the year. If you are a travel aficionado, you can choose Sikkim and definitely Silk Route as an indispensable part of it. Staying here is not an issue. Keeping pace with the demand of the day, the number of hotels has increased significantly.

The Ultimate Family Travel Tip: How To Plan A Lifetime of Vacations

Of all the family travel tips you could search for, what if there was one tip that coupld change your travel lifestyle all together? One that would allow you to take vacations more often and not have to worry about returning to a job? One that could put more family adventures in your life and take off whenever you felt like it?

By family travel tips, I don’t mean ‘pack wrinkle free pants’ or ‘be sure to bring water purifications tablets’. I mean ‘create an income stream using the internet so that you never have to worry about saving for a vacation again’ and ‘take control of your financial future so that you can live however you like’.

There are many ways to create an income online but most of them are junk and will never take you to where you want to be.

To really create something you love and are proud of, you first need to look inside yourself and rediscover the essence of who you are. From there, you can build a passion based business, take it online, and create an unlimited amount of income streams by sharing your passions with the world.

I know people who have created online businesses are raw food, travel, beauty, exercise, art, camping, and more.

If you have a passion, you can create a business around it in four steps.

First, find or create a product around your passion.

Secondly, create, or have some make, a unique capture page for you that people who will be your future clients something they want in exchange for their email address.

Little by little, day by day, connect with people in your niche, and build a list of targeted prospects who you can help.

Thirdly, send a ton of traffic to your capture page and build your list even more.

As you build a list of people in the niche your passionate about, you can monetize that list over time. You can offer an ebook you haver written, affiliate products, or personal coaching or guiding.

The sky is the limit when you harness your passions. Not only will you be happier working in a niche you are passionate about, but you will also be free to travel more and have more family adventures and vacations.

So if there is one family travel tip I would give, it would be to start living a life you love, turn it into an income stream using the internet, and book your next vacation asap!

Three Tips for Traveling Healthy

West Africa allows for an amazing range of experiences for any traveler. Beautiful scenery and wildlife, amazing cultural heritage, great food and some of the most interesting and genuinely kind people you will ever meet await you in countries such as Ghana, Mali, Cote D’Ivoire and all the other countries of West Africa. You will leave with amazing stories, wonderful new friends and a wonderful new perspective on the world in which you live. West Africa does present you with quite a few travel health obstacles to overcome, but with a little bit of thought and a few important tips you can have a safe and enjoyable trip.

1. Malaria is one of the biggest dangers you will face during your travels. Mosquitoes carry this deadly disease and are very prevalent in all locations. There are many different prophylactics that can be taken to help stave off this disease. There are prescriptions that require you to take a pill every day, while there are also pills that are simply taken once a week. There is a history of minor side effects with each pill and you should consult your doctor before heading out on which medication is best for you and your particular trip.

2. Travelers diarrhea is also a big health issue you need to be aware of during your stay. The rumors are true, you should definitely not be drinking the water while you are traveling. Bottled water is usually very easy to find, is safe and is usually still much cheaper than buying water in our local stores. While in many places, such as Ghana, you will find “bag water” which is literally sealed plastic bags containing “pure water” as the sellers will tell you. These bags are tempting because of their low cost, but are often carriers of bacteria and parasites that will lead to an unpleasant bathroom experience. It may be tempting to drink the cheaper water or be more “native/local” while you are there, but it is best to fight this urge. If you want to get the most out of your time you want to stay out of the bathroom and on the road. The dehydration and general malaise that occur with travelers diarrhea can really ruin your trip.

3. The most important thing about staying healthy while you travel is to stay smart. If you think something doesn’t look good to eat or drink, don’t! It’s that simple. Always peel your fruits and vegetables and make sure that any street food you eat appears to be well cooked and warm. Don’t take unnecessary risks with your health because there’s nothing worse than wasting your vacation time in a bed or a bathroom feeling miserable. Stay safe, stay smart, stay healthy and have fun!

What It Means To Travel

Going to places by moving through time are just examples of traveling. There are so many ways for us to travel. By foot, car, plane, and boat.

But the question is why?

We will never know when we are going to travel.

We will never know where we are going. Sometimes what matters most in traveling is the places and views, but we will just know that the experience and the people we meet are the most valuable price we can have in traveling.

Beautiful views are sometimes we expect when traveling. Scenes that we haven’t seen before. We look up on magazines, websites for the places we want to go. That is a planned traveling.

Planning for a travel and keeping our expectations high is what we do most. Thinking of happy thoughts, event that we want to happen are just side dish for travel.

There are so many reasons for us to travel. Sometimes we want to see other people, other scenery, and new culture or sometimes we just hope for a better opportunity.

We hope that on the other side of the place we grew up, we can be better and new opportunity await us.

Traveling is more like gambling, we bet and yet until we are there we will know if it’s worth it or we just lose our hopes and expectations.

But that won’t stop us from going and moving again. We will just continue and drive as far as we want for our lives. It’s our choice to make, whether we moved along or just stay and enjoy everything.

We can travel with our own self, and it’s not always about going to some place but we can also travel with our own life. Life is a journey and we are entitled to travel with it, with or without company.

But we should always keep in our mind and heart that it’s a journey to become a better person and along the way we are destined to face obstacle. Those won’t be enough reason for us to stop and stay on the obstacle.

We are designed to stay strong and keep our hearts on the journey. Wherever it’s leading we are the only one who can create the path, whether we choose the right one and make mistake along with it or the wrong one and change everything for good.

Travel safely and enjoy everything.

Really appreciate you for stopping by!

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Travel and Personal Growth

Set in the 1960s, the new Pan Am ABC drama series brings to life, the glamour of air travels, beautiful air stewardesses, and the possibilities of adventures and explorations of the big wide world we live in. My husband and I took one of the last flights on Pan Am in September 1991 from JFK Airport to San Francisco before it collapsed and closed on December 4th 1991.

Airlines come and go, Pan Am and Trans World Airlines are long gone…but we are still traveling. Air travel today is so different from yester years. For those who have traveled before 2001…air travel will never be the same.

Today, more than ever, even with the economic downturn, airports are still full of passengers and cruise ships are sold out…we are still traveling…

The U.S. Travel Association has interesting statistics about the tourism industry. Every minute in the U.S., $1.4 million is spent in the travel industry and the top 5 growth markets for visitors in the next few years are from the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and South Korea with the Chinese taking the lead.

1 out of 9 jobs in the U.S. depends on tourism and by 2020, the country plans to create 1.3 million jobs by increasing visitors to the United States. That will be one of the ways to have economic stimulus.

Apart from shopping, dining, city sightseeing, visiting historical sites and amusement/theme parks (those are main reasons why tourists come to the U.S.) – why do we travel?

I think travel experiences contribute to our personal growth. Let’s take a look at it:

According to an article in selfgrowth.com personal growth or self-improvement refers to self-guided improvement-economically, intellectually, or emotionally-most frequently with a substantial psychological or spiritual basis.

Here are 5 different areas of our lives that have changed because of travel experiences:

Travel improves our palette: Other than rice, beans and chicken, travel takes us to eateries that are out of this world. For some non-adventurous eaters, travel will make us move out from our usual staples of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

There are the crepes in Paris for lunch. My kids had no clue about the different types of crepes…all they knew were the ones they get from the International House of Pancakes. After a trip to Paris, they learned to make savory crepes au jambon et fromage and the sweet version crepes au chocolat with Nutella spread.

It also helps them add a variety to their food adventure and try new things. Most cultures appreciate guests to consume food served. It is a sign of impoliteness to reject food and to not eat it.

Travel helps us respect foods of all cultures.

Travel improves our appreciation of diversity in religion and culture: Before we travel, all information was from books and internet. Travel takes us to places that have different religions. For example, Malaysia is a Muslim country. At about 5 in the morning, every morning, the loudspeaker started broadcasting morning prayers to the neighborhood without fail and 4 more times throughout the day. You see most Muslim women having head coverings and wearing long skirts and long shirts to cover their body.

It helps us accept differences of cultures and religions…there are the Muslims, Buddhists, Christians and Hindus all living together in the same neighborhood. Travel helps us appreciate the freedom of worship in the United States.

Travel improves our language skills and helps us learn a new language: According to Biblica.com the bible has been translated to 2,287 languages. There are thousands of languages and dialects worldwide. Imagine what we can learn through traveling. Most Europeans speak more than one language.

Travel experiences in different countries allowed my children to hear English spoken in different accents…but they are all speaking the English language. They are different in Singapore, Australia, England and even Tennessee.

Having written and spoken knowledge of more than one language gives us more advantages in the business world and more job options.

Travel improves our understanding of people around the world: The world is created differently. Some of us live in arid lands with hardly any vegetation, some in the deltas surrounded by rice fields and some are in big metropolis like Sao Paulo or New York City. With diverse lands come diverse economic differences…some live in a modern developed land and some are still using a family motorcycle with 5 family members on it.

Traveling to Managua, Nicaragua, helped my daughter understand the needs outside of her comfort zone. Going to the deep eco resort of Northern Costa Rica helped me appreciate the street lights in the US.

We are creatures of habits…what we are not exposed to, we will not yearn for or feel at a lost. For example, to a Costa Rican living in non-street lights…walking in the dark is normal. They will not feel insecure in the dark. They are used to the environment. But one like me, who is used to street lights, did not feel comfortable walking in the dark.

Travel improves our understanding of our earthly possessions: When we see that many have little to live with, we understand the amount that we possess. Travel has led me to live a non-cluttered lifestyle and appreciate minimal possessions.

After all, we either choose to buy more stuff or choose to have the money to travel. The choices in life. For us, we chose travel experience as part of our personal growth and education for our children.

Mark Twain wrote a travel book in the 1860s called Innocents Abroad, an account of his trip to Europe and the Holy Land. He quoted, Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts….(you have to read the rest of the quote in Twain’s book).

Claudia Looi is a copywriter, travel and web content writer. She’s dedicated herself to helping entrepreneurs create their online presence with email campaign, sales page and web content. A writer and traveler who has lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Auckland and New York in the travel industry for over 12 years and has had the luxury of traveling to almost 30 countries. Currently, her works include writing for tour operators, hotels, real estate, wellness and immigration consulting industries. When not working, you will find her reading or planning her next family trip with her husband and two teens. Please download her free report, “How to live out of your suitcase for a week” at http://travelwritingpro.com/

22 Holiday Survival Beauty Products

If you’re making your holiday wish list and you’re looking for some top beauty products to help you look your best at holiday parties, on vacation or just home with your family you’ll want to check out the list I’ve put together of some of my personal favorites including some cool finds under ten bucks!

I first starting making this list because so many people kept asking me how I’m able to travel around the world as a TV travel and lifestyle correspondent, doing the TV & online TRAVEL THERAPY series, and only take products that fit in my carry-on bag, since I don’t check luggage.

The list below includes my favorite travel friendly products that help me look my best whether I’m on the road and back home, during the holidays or any time of year.

I’m always searching for new items to try so if you have any favorites that have worked well for you I’d love to hear about them!

Top Holiday Survival Beauty Products

Kerstin Florian Rescue Cream

This moisturizer is pure heaven and definitely lives up to its rescue name because no matter how parched my skin feels after a long flight or spending time in a cold, dry climate, this luxurious feeling all weather crème feels so nourishing and comforting I won’t travel without it.

Sjal Saphir Concentrate

I’ve been addicted to the Sjal Skincare line every since I first tried it last year and this newest addition is ideal for travelers battling road weary skin because this weightless anti-aging face oil is infused with energy from Himalayan blue sapphires and aquamarine gemstones to help hydrated, calm and balance your skin. Celebrity make-up artist (clients include Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek, Katie Holmes, Heidi Klum and Scarlett Johansson) Matthew Van Leeuven agrees saying, “Sjal Saphir Concentrate face oil has become an obsession for me. This amazing oil is a mega-dose of nutrition for the skin. It repairs and regenerates at a deep level.”

Joanna Vargas Rejuvenating Serum & Daily Hydrating Cream

For an on the road luxurious facial experience I turn to celebrity skincare expert Joanna Vargas and her special serums and creams. My travel dehydrated skin drinks up the Rejuvenating Facial like a gift and when followed by the Daily Hydrating Cream I feel completely pampered and renewed.

Kate Somerville Quench

Before a flight I use this ultra hydrating and light facial serum as it helps protect my skin against the not so friendly recycled airplane air and I love that it’s easy to travel with and doesn’t have scent so I can be a considerate flyer.

ESPA 24-Hour Eye Complex

This rich eye cream with Ginkgo Biloba and pure essential oils helps protect, sooth and rejuvenate my skin so I arrive at my destination looking bright eyed and ready to tackle anything.

Lancer Skincare Nourish AM/PM Nourishment

I found the 2oz travel size of this multi-peptide, powerhouse moisturizer, featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, a great go to when you want one delicious facial cream you can use both day and night help nourish and hydrate your skin.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Cream-Gel

With my sensitive fair skin this gentle self tanner is the only one I’ve found so far that I trust using on my face and it always leaves me with a healthy, natural glow.

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme

No jet lagged look for me when I use this powerful hydrating face cream that protects against frequent flying and weather pollution no matter where you may be traveling to.

Jane Iradale Eye Shadow Kit Daytime

This fun small eye shadow kit gets extra points for being compact and including five colors giving you all kinds of make-up combo’s you can try and includes a convenient mirrored compact with an application brush.

Know! Shampoo & Conditioner

This low toxicity color safe combo helps keep my hair shinny and healthy no matter what country I’m in and what water I’m using to wash my hair with.

Oribe Hair Care Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray

Heading to the beach or a humid climate the purse size of this Oribe product is perfect for helping to keep your hair polished anytime, anywhere. Also fun to try Oribe’s Collection Travel Set, that comes in 7 slim packettes that will fit into any carry on.

Favorite Travel Beauty Product Gift Ideas

Kerstin Florian Beach Bag Essentials

I love this fun travel friendly bag of goodies that includes my favorite Sun Protection SPF 30 for face and body, the rich Multi-Vitamin Day Cream SPF 30, Neroli Water, Lavender Body Spray and a special balm that’s ideal for soothing your travel weary feet.

Jane Iredale Chocoholicks

This yummy compact with four irresistible chocolate-y shades of hydrating lip gloss is chic and easy to travel with and is even gluten free.

Deborah Lippmann Fast Track Manicure Essentials

For quality do it yourself manicures the road this handy kit offers five mini nail treatments including cuticle remover, cuticle oil, primer, base coat and a quick dry top coat.

Sonia Kashuk Cosmetic Bags

Fashionable, functional and affordable Sonia Kashuk’s collection of cosmetic and travel bags, available exclusively at target, are ideal to help keep you organized on the go.

Cool Travel Beauty Products Under $10

Yes Cucumbers Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes

The compact travel size towelettes make it a snap to refresh on the go and you get 30 for just $5.99.

Yes to Carrots Sweet Fig Lip Butter SPF 15

Love the texture of this lip balm with Shea Butter, vitamin E and Zinc Oxide and that it includes SPF15. $3.49

Topshop Nail Varnish Remover

The small chic packing of these soft nail polish remover pads makes it ideal and easy for travelers wanting to keep their nails looking their best. $3.00

Dual Voltage Flat Iron – Your Best Travel Beauty Mate

Dual Voltage Flat Irons are the latest trend in the hair styling industry as they make the perfect travel mate for women today. If you are working women who are in constant need for traveling for your business purpose and yet require styling your hair everyday to maintain the style and beauty without fail always, these models are specially designed for you.

Before the introduction of these travel size straighteners, people had no other option than to visit a salon when they are away from their home. But a dual voltage flat iron helps in styling your hair into whatever hairstyles you wish to use your own flat iron that can be carried comfortably with you. You can thus get yourself prepared for a big date or a business meeting at the comfort of your hotel room without the need for depending on a hair dresser. Thus, you can now rest assured that your frizzy and unmanageable hair can always be styles wherever you go.

The dual voltage feature of the travel iron helps in using the device anywhere in the world without caring about the voltage requirement of that country. They are designed with a range of voltage options for your special convenience. You can use it between 110 to 220 volts anywhere in the world. In order to fit in your luggage, the dual voltage flat irons are designed with small, compact, light weight profile and are available with cordless option for you to carry in your handbag and use it anywhere in the world. They are not that much heavy for you to carry with inconvenience.

Another major benefit of these stylers is that you can either charge it when you are at home or your hotel room or can use the batteries. If you have frizzy and thick hair, you cannot tame them with a cordless model as it does not produce that much heat for efficient styling of thick hair. So, you can choose the alternative. There are different models of dual voltage straighteners to pick out according to your special preference.

Your choice of Dual Voltage irons [http://www.flatironexperts.com/Dual-Voltage-Universal-Voltage-Flat-Iron-Straightener-s/218.htm] are available at Flat Iron Experts. Here we offer the best flat irons [http://www.flatironexperts.com/], Curling irons, etc.

Panjim Goa Travel – Beauty & Spirituality

On the southern banks of the Mandovi River, lies Panaji or Panjim – the capital city of Goa. Literally meaning ‘the land that does not flood’, Panaji is built around a church facing a prominent square. This Portuguese town is popular for a number of ancient beautiful churches and some of the excellent Portuguese Baroque style buildings and enchanting old villas.

When it comes to the fascinating sites of the city, Dona Paula tops the chart. The true beauty of the place lies in the meeting point of Goa’s two splendid rivers. Moreover, the Arabian Sea serves as the secluded bay of Dona Paula with a fine view of the Marmagao Harbour.

Coming to the beautiful churches, Panjim city guide is full of Christian pilgrim centres. The Church And Convent Of St. Monica, the Church Of Our Lady Of The Rosary, the Church Of St. Francis Of Assisi, and the Church Of St. Francis Xavier are a few of the post popular churches in the city. Among the ancient places of Panaji, the ruins of St. Augustine’s Tower is also a major attraction. Apart from that, Aguada Fort also boasts of being the best-preserved Portuguese bastion in Goa. Built in 1612 to protect the northern shores of the Mandovi estuary from Dutch and Maratha raiders, the fort is a favourite site of all the history buffs.

The city also offers something unique to all the art lovers. Places like the Archaeological Museum & Portrait Gallery and the Archives Museum Goa showcase the rarest collections of ancient sculptures and stones of the early and late medieval periods, portraits, coins and currency, revenue and court fee stamps, wooden and bronze sculptures, and armory of the Portuguese period etc.

Apart from that, Bondla Forest and Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary also draw a number of tourists from all over the world. In short, the place place offers something or the other for almost all kinds of tourists with different tastes.

Almost all the Goa tour packages include Panaji or Panjim as a key destination. Apart from being the capital, it is historically important city as well. Along with all the beaches and other Goa tourist places, one can visit the ancient and beautiful Portuguese churches in Goa Panjim trip is ideal for history buffs as well.

Vacation Travel – Beautiful Canary Islands

It is doubtful whether there is a person, who does not wish to visit Canary Islands. Wonderful tropical climate, exotic entertainments and peculiarities of national cuisine are the main things, which attract hundred thousands of tourists from all over the world. There are seven islands in the archipelago and every one of them is magnificent. But the most enchanting recreation is waiting for you at Tenerife: it is the largest island where Mount Teide is situated.

Beautiful legends tell us about Tenerife, this marvelous place of globe. The most captivating one is about ancient people of Guanches. According to the legend these golden-haired giants are the survivors of mysterious Atlantis. And Tenerife is one of the mountain tops of the sunken continent.

Tenerife has unique climate: the temperature is not lower than +20 Celsius in winter and not higher than +30 Celsius in summer. You should add here the cleanest mountain air, refreshing coolness of ocean breeze and beautiful beaches with volcanic sand, which has healing qualities. So, Tenerife is paradise for your vacation.

The mountain chain divides the island into two parts: humid tropical forests in the north and semi-deserted picturesque rocks in the south, where the main resort zones are located. Costa-Adeje is the most prestigious place here. Hotels present you irreproachable service.

What offers you Costa-Adeje? After you enjoyed the sun and beaches, you may go to “Teide” National Park, which is placed at the foot of the famous volcano. Teide attracts looks; it can’t be mixed with anything else, because it is seen from any spot of the island. Twisting road to the crater comes through mountain slopes, little villages and banana plantations. It is amusing that such exotic is combined with usual potato fields.

High at the mountains you will inhale pleasant antibacterial air of Canary pines, which grows only here. It differs from other pines by thicker and longer needles. There are a lot of observation points, but here is the most popular one as well. It is located near the biggest pine tree of Canary Islands. Its trunk can’t be embraced even by 10 people.

You may also see ancient pyramids at Tenerife too. They were discovered by the legendary traveler of present Thor Heyerdahl. One more sightseeing is Black Madonna; she is a protector of Canary Islands.

Canary carnival is the unforgettable performance. It is not worse than the famous Brazilian one.

So, if you like romanticism and paradise pleasure, you should certainly visit Tenerife. Make your vacation travel unforgettable and full of positive emotions!

7 Travel Beauty Tips

Everyone wants to feel and look good on holiday but travelling, and the sun, can take its toll on our hair and skin.

Just as you plan your itinerary on holiday, so should you plan to take care of your hair and skin, so here are some helpful travel beauty tips for when you next jet off on your next trip, be it for business or pleasure!

Moisturise Before You Fly

Keep your skin hydrated – the night before you fly, apply a heavier-than-normal moisturiser and apply again in the morning. This will help your skin combat the dehydrating effects of being in the cabin, leaving you more ‘fresh faced’ when you disembark.

Forget the Foundation

If you can, be prepared to ditch your usual foundation and instead just travel wearing moisturiser. Trying to wear sunscreen and foundation isn’t easy. If you don’t like going without foundation, one option is to take your make-up off just before you board, putting on your moisturiser, and then reapplying once you’ve landed if you really can’t travel without a full face. Alternatively, consider a tinted moisturiser.

Blotting Paper

If you’re going somewhere hot then you will be applying suntan lotion to your face. This can sometimes make even usually normal skin become greasy and oily. So travel with some facial blotting papers and gently dab your T-bar area to lift off the oil and eliminate blocked pores.

Luscious Lashes

Thick, black, luscious lashes make you look and feel amazing regardless of make-up. So wave goodbye to mascara and have individual lashes applied at a salon before you go so you look a million dollars by the pool. You’ll never have to worry about mascara running down your face either.

Leave In Conditioner

If possible, use a leave-in conditioner in your hair during the day time when you’re out in the hot sun, it will protect your hair from drying out and becoming brittle.

Drink Water

In hot climates you need to stay hydrated so be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your travels – whilst flying, on the beach all day and also in the evening too.

Sore, Tired Feet

To help you recover from sore and tired feet, lay down against a wall and lift your legs right up into the air, placing your bottom flush with the wall. You’ll be amazed at the near instant effect this has on reviving sore and tired feet.